Ninja Strike 24 Combat Bonanza & The Beach


We're off on holiday this week with a fun-filled trip to The Beach! In other news, the Ninjas have been whacking, hacking, and thwacking their way through a Combat Bonanza strike, and one of our classic Treasure Hunter Promos has received a summertime mix-up.

Ninja Strike 24: Combat Bonanza!

Wham! Bam! Kapow! Ninja Strike 24 covers all things combat, all over Gielinor!

But first, no adventure would be complete without a trip to the Bank - and with five new free Bank presets, it's going to be a whole lot quicker to get your fighting gear in order. Yes, you heard that right - members will have 15 shiny Bank presets waiting for them when they log in after today's update. Enjoy!

But wait, there's more! We'd like to introduce you to 'Cease', an exciting new ability that lets you pause combat momentarily with just one click - for those times when hitting that big monster might be less than beneficial to you and your teammates! Cease lasts for up to six seconds, and will:

  • Pause Revolution
  • Pause auto-retaliate
  • Pause familiar auto-attacks
  • Cancel a queued ability or special attack
  • Immediately end an active channelled ability
  • Cancel a charging Detonate ability

When the effect ends:

  • Revolution will begin again
  • Auto-retaliate will re-activate if it was turned on previously
  • Familiars will resume auto-attacking

Speaking of time, we've also introduced a Boss Instance Timer that'll make it easier than ever to track boss runs. You can turn it on or off via the Information Windows settings menu, under 'Boss Instance Timer', and move it around in Edit Layout mode.

You'll also find that Scrimshaws of the same type and tier can now be combined for a maximum of 24 hours, and you'll now be able to customise how you view perks on your equipment. Be sure to check the Patch Notes to see everything that's changed!

The Beach 2021

It's back! Gielinor's premier vacation destination has returned to the Lumbridge Crater, along with bucketloads of fun activities to try and summertime cosmetics to collect.

The Beach will stick around from now until August 8th, at which point the citizens of Lumbridge will get tired of people dragging sand through the castle and demand that we return their Crater to its former glory.

If you've never been to The Beach before, or if you just want to take a peek at what's changed since last year, check out last week's announcement newspost for all the details.

We'll see you there!

Now, who's up for cocktails?

Phoenix Lamps

Starting tomorrow, this Treasure Hunter Promotion will be filled with snazzy new cocktails, as well as the usual selection of goodies.

Here's a few of our favourites!

A Hole in One will increase the XP you gain from the Dungeoneering Hole activity by 10%, and will let you complete up to 60 floors, or 75 actions, before having to take a break.

The Palmer Farmer will grant you 300% more XP from picking palm trees, and means they'll no longer deplete when you do so.

Prepare For War

The battle cry of a thousand Dragonkin erupts over the city of Senntisten. This is it. The first assault of the Elder Gods - and Gielinor's last stand. Time is not on your side.

We'll reveal details about the first front soon, but today, we'll cover your preparations for this world-shattering battle. Ready? Head to our blog here to get the details.

Once you're battle-ready, don't miss our Reveal Trailer premiere dropping this Friday July 16th at 16:00 Game Time on our YouTube channel.