Login Lockout News Archive


After a March that few of us will ever forget, we're ready to begin the process of returning accounts impacted by the Login Lockout situation.

That's right, the first Returned are soon going to be walking the paths of Gielinor again, after what we know has been a stressful and uncertain few weeks for many. We can't wait to see you back in game, and we can't wait to deliver on that Awesome April of content we spoke about in last week's livestream.

Wave Updates

As we mentioned last week, returning accounts is the start of a journey rather than the finish line. With our learnings from the Beta, this will be a rolling process of returning accounts. Keep this page bookmarked as we bring you all the latest updates on account return waves as we have them.

Wave 6 | 16:00 Game Time, April 8th

Hello everyone,

Wave 6 has now been released, marking our last wave of the day. Please check your emails for notification within the hour, but as always, we recommend attempting to log in just in case. This brings us up to ~88% of all accounts now returned.

Our next wave will take place on Friday, and with our current projections, we expect this to bring us to almost all accounts having been restored (> 99%).

If anything is out of sorts, please remember Aftercare is here to help. You can submit a ticket here: https://rs.game/LockoutHelp

Note: If you are missing your Returned Package, please log out with an inventory space free and log back in again to receive it.

Wave 5 | 15:15 Game Time, April 8th

Hello everyone,

Wave 5 has now released, our first of two planned for today. Please check your emails for notification within the hour, but as always, we recommend attempting to log in just in case.

Wave 6 will take place later this afternoon should everything go to plan, and we'll let you know as soon as this has rolled out. By the end of today, we expect to have returned around 88% of all accounts.

Tomorrow, we intend to release Wave 7 which we currently project will bring us to almost all accounts having been restored (> 99%). We'll be back later today with more news on Wave 6 as soon as we have it.

Wave 4 | 13:15 Game Time, April 7th

Wave 3 | 15:30 Game Time, April 6th

Wave 2 | 12:00 Game Time, March 31st

Wave 1 | 12:00 Game Time, March 30th

Next wave expected: April 9th.

Known Issues

While it'll be business as usual for many of us (Game Updates will continue, content will release, etc.), there might be some unexpected side effects for accounts impacted by the Login Lockout. While we've done our best to minimise inconsistencies with account recovery, unfortunately a few issues remain unresolved. Rest assured however that we'll be working hard to make even the smallest detail right through that one-to-one aftercare we've mentioned before. More on that in a bit!

So what are those remaining issues? Let's dive into them.

  • Bank and Inventory will likely be jumbled, with items shuffled and disorganised.
  • Invention Perks may have been reverted to an earlier state.
    • However, we have been able to refund most components for any perk rolls since the last saved state of your Perks. We have also added 50% extra of any returned components.
  • Some player-owned farm animals might be missing.
  • Some players will have been teleported to Burthorpe or Lumbridge.
  • Some UI settings might have changed.
  • Potential for duplicated or missing items under certain conditions
  • Bonds and Keys may not be restored immediately upon your account being unlocked.
    • This is restored under a separate process and should be resolved shortly after deployment.

There may be more issues than listed here. We will update this list as needed.

We've tried our best to resolve as many issues as possible whilst also balancing the desire to get everyone back in-game as soon as possible. We know some of you might be more impacted by these issues than others, which is why we've set up a dedicated aftercare service for all affected players to use. We've also put together a bit of a care package to help kickstart your RuneScape experience!

Welcome Back Plans

You might have heard once or twice over the last few weeks that we're committed to making this right. That's why when you log back in on (or after) April 6th impacted players will be greeted by a box filled with goodies in their Inventories.

What's inside?

Exclusive Cosmetic Gifts

  • Title: 'The Returned' (or 'The Returned Ironman' for Ironmen)
  • Cloak of Returning
  • Disc of Returning Weapon Override
  • Disc of Returning Inventory Object
  • 'Returned from the Abyss' Teleport Animation


  • 10 Restoration Pods (custom made versions of 'Knowledge Bombs', worth 1 Hour of Double XP each)
  • 10 Advanced Pulse Cores
  • 10 Cinder Cores
  • 10 Large Protean Packs
  • 10 Medium Prismatic Lamps
  • 10 Yak Track Task Skips
  • 10 Portable Skilling Packs
  • 10 D&D Monthly Reset Tokens (Members Only)

We'll also be providing everyone another month of Membership - on top of the month already covered beginning March 18th - and Double Daily Keys from April 6th too.

To help you maximise any gains when you return, we're running three bonus-packed weekly events throughout April that include things like double Reaper Points, double Vis-Wax opportunities and a whole lot more. We've also extended Yak Track: Yak to Basics by three weeks, re-running Vic the Trader later in April and even granting everyone a wish.