Old School on Steam Coming Soon


By now you'll have heard about us talk plenty about our simple-yet-lofty goal of taking Old School Everywhere, and today we're delighted to announce the next big step - Old School RuneScape is coming to Steam on February 24th, 2021!

Whether you are a past, present or future explorer of the magical world of Gielinor, we're excited to bring one of the world’s largest MMORPGs to Steam!

At launch, you'll be able to log-in with your Steam account, or if you already have an adventure in progress, you can link your existing Old School account to Steam. We know that there are certain goodies you expect on Steam, too, and we've got them all for you - Steam Achievements, Badges and Emoticons, with Trading Cards coming shortly after launch.

And here's where we really need your support. Whether you plan to play on Steam or not (and we understand most of you will want to continue playing on a client with an array of features like RuneLite).