Leagues II Trailblazer: Double Cast Hotfix


Yesterday evening we were made aware of an issue regarding the Double Cast Relic that prevented all bind spells (including all ice variants within the Ancient Magicks) from ever missing their target. This was happening regardless of your Magic accuracy.

While Double Cast is indeed meant to drastically increase the accuracy of all spells, it was never intended to make spells such as Ice Barrage always hit - especially when wearing low Magic accuracy gear.

This was deemed to be a bug, and as a result at approximately 22:00 GMT we released a silent hotfix that resolved the issue.

Following player feedback, it’s clear that whilst this effect was unintended, you found it a lot of fun and felt it brought the strength of Double Cast closer to the Melee and Ranged variants. We never intended to heavily nerf the viability of spells such as Ice Barrage with Double Cast, so after discussing this within the team, we have decided to revert this change. However, we have added some Magic accuracy requirements for those wanting to achieve the same effect:

  • Players will need to have a minimum of +60 Magic accuracy from equipment, or +20 Magic accuracy with the full Void Knight Mage set equipped

The in-game Relic interface will be updated to reflect these changes in next week's game update.

We’d just like to take this opportunity to thank you all for the amazing feedback you’ve provided throughout the Trailblazer League so far, and we can’t wait to see more of your amazing achievements.