A Porcine of Interest


This poll blog introduces a new novice quest called ‘A Porcine of Interest’.

Updated: 19th August 13:30pm

We've taken time to offer some more clarity oh how Spria will function as a Slayer Master.

Updated: 18th August - 19:05pm

We’ve been amazed at the support you’ve shown for A Porcine of Interest which, in-turn, has led to suggestions for other changes that would help new adventurers. One of these has really caught our eye, and it's something we'd like to poll. As a result we're going to delay the poll until Friday so you've got time to consider the new question. You can find the proposal under the 'Spria the Slayer Master' section.

We look forward to hearing your feedback!


In July's edition of the Gielinor Gazette we explained a change to the Old School release schedule for the rest of the year, with the likes of Clans and Group Ironman being pushed back into 2021. We also explained that we'd be polling smaller pieces of content to fill the hole left by these delays.

We had also initially proposed the release of Boss Slayer Master, but your feedback was clear - there's too much focus on Slayer when other skills are in need of some love.

And we hear you! Boss Slayer Master has been pulled for now and we're currently polling some brand new Construction content, Mahogany Homes. We'll also be announcing some new Fishing content in the near future which, as you'll know if you saw our recent livestream, will take the form of a skilling boss!

We're also still focused on bringing new players to Old School. The early game remains pretty tough for newcomers, but as Adventure Paths showed, our new goal isn't make this content easier or redundant - we just want to help players navigate it.

On that subject, we're polling a new quest that helps fresh adventurers get to grip with Slayer, A Porcine of Interest! And fear not, this isn't a large Slayer update or anything meta-changing like Boss Slayer Master.

A Porcine of Interest

Ah, the Falador Farm - filled with cabbages, cows, and even a sleepy sheepdog. A peaceful place, where you can learn to churn butter, give a dog a bone, or purchase various Farming supplies. What was once a place of happiness, joy and wholesome dairy goods has of late become dominated by a vile presence. Each morning Sarah wakes to find her crops destroyed, her cows cowering, and her loyal sheepdog looking... sheepish.

She’s had enough, but she thinks she’s got the culprit on the trot. Can you help her track down… A Porcine of Interest?

Slayer is a popular skill, but there isn’t much in the early game that encourages a new player to try it and benefit from its particular rewards. Our aim with this quest is to make Slayer as accessible as possible, demonstrate the value of the skill for new players, and add some fun and exciting gameplay for Old School newbies.

So without further wallowing, let’s hoof it to Falador Farm!

Requirements and Rewards

There’s a few conspiguous rewards for any adventurers willing to take on this dangerous assignment – but since this is a novice quest, there are no requirements.

Upon completion, you’ll be rewarded with:

  • 5000 GP
  • 1000 Slayer XP
  • 30 Slayer Reward Points
  • Access to a new Slayer task

  • The Porcine Pest

    We’re not hogging any details here! This quest will introduce a new Slayer monster, assigned by Turael post-completion, in quantities of 15-50.

    The Porcine Pests are quite piggy in their choice of home. They prefer the cool atmosphere of the underground, and so they can be found rootling about in a cave-like lair in the Misthalin region. Their cave will be single-combat but cannonable, for those who want to speed up kill rates.

    Until now the Slayer’s equipment list has included protective equipment for the whole head except for the eyes – isn’t that just utter hogwash? Without going into the grisly details, all that muck these swine are rolling around in can get pretty nasty, so naturally you’ll want to protect your eyes from the, ahem, spray. On a lighter note, this does mean that all you fashionscaper types will be getting your hands on some stylish goggles.

    After completing the quest, the Slayer Helm will gain the protective properties of your new goggles. We do acknowledge that this will change its ‘recipe’ somewhat, but we’d like to assure you that existing Slayer Helms will not become broken when the quest is released.

    Poll Question #1
    Would you like a new novice-level quest called ‘A Porcine of Interest’ to be added to the game, along with a new Slayer monster?

    Spria the Slayer Master

    Some of you have pointed out that Turael residing in Burthorpe doesn’t make sense. He's the lowest-level Slayer Master, yet he's pretty far away from new players. We'd like to propose adding a Slayer Master to Draynor Village. Now, because we haven’t been as diligent as we would have liked with changes to early game areas (the Draynor Village dock, for example), we thought it was important to hear your views about this potential change. We aren't going to change the layout of Draynor, any Slayer Master will instead take up residence in a vacant building.

    Yesterday we proposed relocating Turael to Draynor Village. You responded quite positively to the why behind the proposal, but your feedback made it clear that a more viable solution might be to add another NPC to Draynor whilst keeping Turael where he is, easily accessible in Burthorpe.

    Allow us to introduce you to Turael's daughter, Spria. In another game Spria finds herself as Burthorpe's Slayer Master following Turael's untimely demise. But Turael is alive and kicking in Old School RuneScape! So we're proposing that Spria takes up residency as a Slayer Master in a vacant property within Draynor Village and would also play a notable role in A Porcine of Interest. Spria would share the same assignment pool as Turael. Unlike Turael, Spria will not be able to change active Slayer tasks. Instead she'lll direct you to her father.

    With all of that in mind. We'd like to ask you: Would you like Turael's daughter, Spria, added to Draynor Village to act as a Slayer Master for new and low-levelled players?

    Poll Question #2
    Would you like Turael's daughter, Spria, added to Draynor Village to act as a Slayer Master for new and low-levelled players?

    As always, we welcome your thoughts on the quest we’ve talked about in today’s blog, and will be making adjustments as feedback rolls in. Check the changelist at the top of this blog for the latest updates!