Game Update: Yak to the Shadows


The shadows are gathering in Gielinor! Read on to discover more about that, along with balancing changes and RuneScape’s first ever Pride event!

Yak Track: Yak to the Shadows

Now that Archaeology has become Gielinor’s favourite pastime, budding archaeologists have been flooding the Varrock dig site, hoping to contribute to the rich tapestry of Gielinor’s history.

Among them is Moorrissey, a rising star in the Yak Archaeology scene who’s particularly drawn to the murky depths of the long-lost Zarosian Empire. Keen to embrace the shadows for himself, Moorrissey will trade some of the Zarosian treasures he’s discovered to anyone who can help him out by completing the tasks on his list.

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The tasks in question will require you to hunt down lore, chat to yaks, and, of course, train all your favourite skills. Each training task comes with two different options to choose from, so you can play the way you want! And if you really don’t like a task, you can always skip it using Bonds.

On the Free Track, you can get your hands on the Shadow Magus robes, the Zarosian Vigil, and more boosters and consumables than you can shake a staff at! Or if you prefer, you can spend 2 Bonds to join the Premium Track, where you can unlock the awe-inspiring Herald of Fate set and loads of other exclusive prizes too. Premier Club members automatically get access to the Premium Track.

Click and drag to rotate the model! Additionally you can scroll to zoom!

Yak to the Shadows will run from June 22nd to August 2nd – so lace up your hiking boots and get going! You can speak to Moorrissey in Burthorpe to get started.

Patch Notes

Before you get too chummy with Moorrissey, why not have a ganders at this week's Patch Notes?

  • Players can now trade Inquisitor Staff pieces to Soran for 10million coins each. Use the piece you wish to trade on Soran to begin the exchange.
  • The special move of the Kal'gerion demon summon now lasts 15 seconds, up from 9.6 seconds.
  • Confirmation warnings now appear when attempting to teleport into The Wilderness with Dareeyak, Annarkarl, Ghorrock, Ice Plateau and and Tele Group Ice Plateau Teleport spells, in-line with other Wilderness entry teleports.
  • Coming Soon: Ancient Familiar Changes

    In next week’s update, we’ll be rebalancing ancient familiars.

    Firstly, all ancient familiars will convert into 20 scrolls per pouch, instead of 10. Because you’ll be getting double the scrolls, we’ll also be halving the amount of XP gained from each scroll use.

    Secondly, the buy limits of all Archaeology materials will be increased from 1,000 to 5,000. This serves the dual purpose of ensuring that everyone can get hold of the materials they need and removing the indirect restriction the buy limit placed on the number of Binding Contracts that could be made.

    Of course, the end result of this will be that more Binding Contracts will be made, and more pouches will be created, which will eventually lower the price of the scrolls.

    Community Pride 2020 Event

    June is LGBT+ Pride month, and to celebrate, RuneScape’s LGBT+ community have teamed up with the J-Mods to bring you RuneScape’s first ever Pride parade!

    Everyone is welcome to walk in the parade – or if you prefer, you can just cheer from the sidelines. Bring your most fabulous fashionscape to Lumbridge Castle Courtyard, World 23 at 17:00 Game Time on Thursday June 25th to join in the fun.

    J-Mods and P-Mods will be in attendance. If you’re lucky enough, you might receive a special letter from a J-Mod, which will let you show your support in style! There’ll also be balloon drops and fireworks along the route.

    The parade route is as follows:

  • Start at Lumbridge Courtyard at 17:00 Game Time
  • Follow the path west to Draynor
  • Go through Port Sarim
  • Go through the southern gate of Falador
  • Take a break in Falador Square
  • Leave through the northern gate of Falador
  • Follow the path east to Barbarian Village
  • Enter through the western gate of Varrock
  • End in Varrock Square
  • We’d like to thank our community for coming up with this amazing idea. If you’ve thought of a great event you’d like the J-Mods to help run in the future, let us know in the official forums.

    National Video Game Day - Get Involved!

    National Video Games Day is coming soon, and at Jagex, we're all gamers. So to celebrate, we're asking you to tell us about your favourite elements of your favourite games! Click on the link below to fill out a short survey, and help us to create the ultimate supergame!

    Twitch Prime

    This month’s Twitch Prime reward is now live! When you link your RuneScape and Twitch Prime accounts, you can claim 400 RuneCoins, 20 Treasure Hunter Keys, and 80 Hearts of Ice. It’s a great deal!

    To get yours, simply follow the instructions here.

    Live Streams

    Tuesday June 23rd | 16:00 Game Time | Stutorial #6 with Mod Stu & Mod Poerkie

    The dynamic duo continue their adventure into the past with an in-depth dig into RuneScape's historic new player experiences.

    Thursday June 25th | 16:00 Game Time | General Q&A

    Your favourite J-Mods will be answering your questions live on stream! Got a question for them? Get it to them ahead of time on Reddit or on Twitter, or simply drop it in the chat during the stream!

    Thursday June 25th | 11:00 Game Time | Featured Streamer: Tedious

    We’re pretty sure this stream will be anything but tedious, as our featured streamer will be levelling his task only Ironman account. It’s pretty in-depth, but you can follow along on this website.