• How to receive my runescape gold?

  • You need write the Order number/Email Address in the query box on the site,There will shows the location of the transaction Or the bouton to contact the seller,you can send a message for him for the delivery. If he doesn't reply, please be patient,or contact him later.Thanks for your understanding. If you still have questions, please contact our online support.


  • I have been waiting for a long time in game for delivery, did something go wrong?

    If no one contacts you in the game within 30 minutes of placing your order, please check your e-mail first to see whether we have notified you about any problems. If you haven’t received such information then please contact our 24/7 Live Chat Help for further assistance.


    If I want to order a quest helper, how do I find out if the required pre-requisites have been finished?

    Log into your account and open the quest journal. Then click on the quest which you want to order and you will see if your account is able to do it or not.


    If my account can’t do the quest that I ordered, what are my options?

    You can choose another quest which has the same value as the quest you ordered, or you can exchange it for gold or other items from our site. You can also make more orders and we can do these together for you. Alternatively you can do all of the pre-quest(s) and skill upgrades that you need to do for the particular quest and we will hold your order and begin work on it after you have completed this.


    Why don’t you trade with me after I have made my order?

    Maybe because of Grand Exchange limits, we can’t buy enough accounts for you at the current time. But we will try our best to buy all of your items as soon as possible.

    After in game delivery, your deliverer asked for the gold / item back immediately. They said that it was for their system records and that he will send me more gold or items as a gift. Why?

    PLEASE DO NOT SEND ANY GOLD OR ITEMS BACK to anyone in the game once you have received them. It will most likely be an imposter pretending to be our gamer for your gold or items. Please remember do not send it back to anyone at anytime; we will not be able to give you any compensation for this type of loss.


    Am I eligible for a refund if you don’t make the delivery on time?

    Yes, you are. If we cannot deliver your items within 2 hours, we will refund your payment immediately. If you have any questions, you can contact us via our 24/7 Live Chat Help or by email.


    Are the accounts that are on sale safe?

    Yes. All of our accounts are trained by our gamers manually unlike other sites who buy accounts from gamers; therefore we guarantee that all of our accounts are 100% safe.


    Can I change my password during the Power-Leveling process?

    We suggest that don't change your password. If you really want to change, tell us after you have changed it, so that we can continue working on your order immediately.

    Can I change to another account if I am not satisfied with the one you have sent to me?

    Yes you can, but please be aware that you only have one chance to do this.


    Can I log into the game during the Power-Leveling process?

    We advise that you do not log in during our working time. If you really want to log in, tell us first, and don’t transfer anything we need for your order into any another account. Please tell us when you log out of the game, so that we can continue working on your order.


    How can I find out if my account can do the quest that I ordered?

    Open your quest journal and then click on the quest which you want to order. You will then see if your account can do it or not.


    How can I make an order?

    First step: Choose the products that you want.

    Second step: Click “BUY NOW” to add them to your shopping cart. If you want to buy other products, you can continue shopping and add these to the cart as you go. Then click “Proceed to Checkout".

    Third step: Fill in all of the required information on the billing page and click“Buy Now”.

    Fourth Step: Choose the payment method that you want to use.

    Fifth Step: Check through the order information and confirm.

    Final Step: Once your payment has been process