Leagues II Trailblazer Launch


We hope you’ve packed your bags and laced up your hiking boots, because Leagues II – Trailblazer is here! You’ll be able to join in the fun from now until January 6th.

To begin your Trailblazer adventure, simply log into any of the worlds marked in green on the World Selector page (Worlds 401 through to 412, and Leagues Veteran Worlds 441 and 461).

Just in case you’ve been region-locked to ‘under a rock’ these past few weeks, let’s go over the basics one more time.

In Leagues II – Trailblazer, you’ll start as a fresh new Iron account, locked to Misthalin – That’s all the way from Lumbridge to Varrock, including Zanaris and the Rune Essence mines, for the uninitiated.

You’ll complete a short tutorial in which you’ll customise your character, get familiar with some new interfaces, and unlock Karamja. Then you’ll be unleashed upon the Lumbridgian countryside, where you’ll level your skills, polish off some quests and complete tasks that will let you unlock up to three new areas of your choice. From there, the world’s your oyster!

Completing tasks will also net you League Points, which you can use to acquire Relics, powerful buffs that’ll enhance your chosen playstyle.

Spoilt for choice? Don’t forget, there are some incredible community-created resources at hand to help you plan your journey!

To kick things off, Old School megastars J1mmy and 9Rain are here to take you on a journey through Trailblazer in Jagex's very first music video:

Expand the tabs below to learn more about Leagues II – Trailblazer!


Area Locks

  • You will start locked to Misthalin, which includes Fossil Island and Zanaris.
  • In the tutorial, you'll also unlock Karamja.
  • You may unlock more areas by completing a fixed number of tasks. You do not spend League Points on these unlocks.
  • You can only choose three different areas to unlock, so pick carefully!
  • Kourend and Kebos cannot be unlocked.
  • Only the respawn points for areas you’ve unlocked will be available.
  • Death’s Office, the Player Owned House, Random Event locations and the Essence Mines will be accessible from all areas.
  • Tasks assigned by Slayer Masters will only take place in areas available to you. 
    • All Slayer Masters will assign the same tasks.
  • Be warned – should you somehow escape the areas you’re locked to, you’ll be teleported all the way back to Lumbridge. Embarrassing!

Iron Mode with Accelerated XP Rates

Everyone will play as an Ironman or Ironwoman.

  • There will be no trading between players.
  • To accommodate the increased number of Iron players, selected shops will have extra supplies and accelerated restock rates.
  • Everyone will have XP rates accelerated by 5x.
  • XP rates will increase as you unlock more Relics.

Starting Stats

Your fresh Iron account will have basic stats, along with:

  • Level 3 Herblore
  • Level 10 Agility
  • Level 5 RuneCraft

This will enable the Draynor Rooftop Agility Course plus Herblore and RuneCraft training.

  • You will also receive a Dramen Staff which can be reclaimed free of charge from the League Tutor.

Quest and Diary Unlocks

Quests and Diary Tasks that would be impossible to unlock due to area inaccessibility will be unlocked for you upon starting the League. The in-game interfaces will tell you which quests and Diaries will be unlocked before you commit to opening a new area.


Tasks are a collection of goals that you can complete within the League. They span all kinds of activities, including skilling, obtaining rare drops, killing creatures, completing quests, and even playing minigames.

Completing a task will net you League Points that can be used to unlock Relics and other rewards. The amount of League Points received varies according to the tier of the challenge, which range from Easy to Master.

Areas will be unlocked based on the number of completed tasks, not the number of points or the tier of tasks completed.

Obviously, some tasks in Trailblazer will be area specific. Examples include:

  • Enter the Cooking Guild
  • Defeat Obor
  • Craft 50 water runes
  • Receive a Slayer task from Vannaka

Examples of more general tasks include:

  • Cook 100 sharks
  • Obtain a Mark of Grace
  • Equip a yew shortbow
  • Defeat a goblin

We’ve tried to ensure that every area will have roughly the same amount of League Points available, meaning each should be of roughly equal value.


    Relics provide buffs with which you can customise your gameplay experience. Unlocked via League Points, they offer XP boosts, additional luck when obtaining drops or even buffs to combat or skilling.

    When you begin, you'll be presented with three free Relics to choose from, allowing you to shape your strategy from the off. Don't stop there, though, as the more Relics you unlock, the more powerful the buffs become!

    In a new twist in Leagues II – Trailblazer, each time you unlock a Relic tier you will also gain a passive buff. There will be six tiers in total, so that’s six buffs for you to discover and six Relics to choose from.

    So, which Tier 1 Relic will you pick to start your adventure?

    Endless Harvest

    Resources gathered from Fishing, Woodcutting, and Mining will be multiplied by 2. The resources you gather are sent directly to your Bank if you have space. If not, they will be placed in your Inventory.

    XP is granted per resource gathered.

    Production Master

    When doing the following activities, all items will be processed at once, awarding full XP:

    • Smelting ores, smithing bars, and making cannonballs
    • Fletching logs, stringing bows, and cutting bolt tips
    • Cleaning herbs and making potions
    • Cooking food and making jugs of wine
    • Crafting leather, uncut gems, glass, jewellery, pottery, battlestaves and spinning flax and wool

    Skilling Prodigy

    All non-combat skills will permanently be boosted by 12.

    When skills are boosted beyond this by other means, the boost will over a period of time drain back down to your level +12. By the same token, when skills are drained down, they will eventually restore to your level +12.

    However, skills will not receive additional boosts over their base level unless the boost would naturally be greater than +12. For example, a +5 boost from spicy stew will not stack with the +12 boost from this Relic.

    For the purposes of this Relic, Slayer is considered a non-combat skill. However, like boosts in the main game, you may not use this Relic to get Slayer tasks above your level.


    You might notice that one Relic is missing from the fourth tier. This Relic was Second Inventory, which believe it or not, gave players a second Inventory. Unfortunately, playtesting close to release revealed that this Relic made it possible to smuggle items in and out of quests, minigames, and other places they weren't supposed to be. Naturally, we'd anticipated that this Relic might have caused issues ahead of time and updated generic scripts accordingly, but we didn't count on the fact that some areas with legacy code just couldn't support such a weird situation. Because this Relic was too easy to exploit, we've had to remove it from the final release.

    We'd like to apologise for any disappointment this has caused. For the record this wasn't a decision we took lightly. We considered all kinds of alternative solutions - tweaking the Relic to work only in certain areas, keeping it unusable until the issues were fixed, and even developing an entirely new Relic to take its place - but every option came with unacceptable risks. Ultimately, we decided to do what was best for the League, and cut the Relic completely.

    We still think Second Inventory is an awesome idea, and who knows, perhaps we can make it work in time for the next League - but for now, it's on the back burner. Don't worry though! We have no doubt that you'll have great fun with the other two tier four Relics, no matter which one you choose.

HiScores and League Firsts

It will take grit, strategy, and perseverance to reach the pinnacle of the Leagues HiScores table. Points are given for completing tasks, and harder tasks offer more points. The more you complete, the higher you’ll climb!

Leagues II – Trailblazer also sees the return of League Firsts, which are awarded to the first player (or team) to complete the League’s most impressive feats. Like tasks, some League Firsts are area-specific this time around.

General League Firsts

  • First pet drop in Leagues II - Trailblazer (Twisted League pets don't count) 
  • First level 99 skill
  • First to unlock Relic tier 2
  • First to unlock Relic tier 6
  • First to unlock 3 areas
  • First to unlock 5 areas
  • First to complete an Elite Achievement Diary

Misthalin League Firsts

  • First to catch a Herbiboar
  • First to wear a pair of Fancy Boots or Fighter Boots

Karamja League Firsts

  • First to defeat TzTok-Jad
  • First to defeat TzKal-Zuk

Asgarnia League Firsts

  • First to enter the Warriors Guild
  • First to equip a Godsword

Kandarin League Firsts

  • First to enter the Fishing Guild
  • First team to defeat the Penance Queen

Morytania League Firsts

  • First to open the Grand Hallowed Coffin
  • First team to defeat the Theatre of Blood

Wilderness League Firsts

  • First to catch a Dark Crab
  • First to forge a Malediction or Odium Ward

Tirannwn League Firsts

  • First to catch a Crystal Impling
  • First to defeat 'The Rabbit'

Desert League Firsts

  • First to receive a Pharaoh’s Sceptre
  • First to defeat the Kalphite Queen

Fremennik League Firsts

  • First to build a Gilded Altar
  • First to defeat all three Dagannoth Kings

League Room

    With the advent of our second League, there’s a real chance that some of you are going to end up with more trophies than you know what to do with. The solution? A brand-new room for you to build in your Player Owned House, containing enough hotspots to store all kinds of League goodies.

    You’ll need 27 Construction and 15,000 GP to build the League Room. It will contain the following hotspots:

    Trophy pedestals: Display up to three League Trophies at once.

    Trophy storage case: A storage unit that holds and displays all the trophies you have stored in it, and none of the ones you don’t.

    Decorative rug: A large rug that covers the floor and acts independently of other rug hotspots in the house.

    Decorative statue: A statue that showcases various League themes.

    Accomplishment scroll: A wall mount similar to the Quest List in the Achievement Gallery which displays various League achievements, including the top 100 players in each League by League Points (including Twisted League), all the League Firsts and who obtained them, and a record of your own personal performance in each League.

    Banner stand: Displays any League Banner.

    Relic Hunter Outfit stand: Displays your choice of Relic Hunter Outfits, of any tier. If a Tier 3 Relic Hunter Outfit is displayed, it will allow players to use the Relic Unlock animation from the relevant League through the Emote interface.

    You’ll find something to build in each hotspot regardless of how many League rewards you’ve purchased. 

    The League Room will be available to build after League II - Trailblazer ends. 


    Here’s the best part – the rewards, as voted on by you! After the League ends, you can use your hard-earned League Points to buy any of the Twisted League rewards, as well as the following Trailblazer goodies:

    Trailblazer Relic Hunter Outfit

    Trailblazer has six tiers of Relic to collect, and if you get all of them, you’ll probably have loads of League Points to splash on this sweet getup.

    There’s not one, not two, but THREE tiers of fashionscape-y goodness, each more expensive than the last. Strut your stuff in Tier 3 to show everyone that you’re a verified Leagues master.

    All three tiers are tradeable and can be stored in the Player Owned House.

    Trailblazer Home Teleport Animation

    Once you’re done jet-setting all over Gielinor, won’t it be nice to click that friendly blue circle and head back home? And wouldn’t it be even nicer if you had a funky home teleport animation to do it with?

    Well you’re in luck, ‘cause that’s what this little scroll will teach you to do! Once you’ve learned the trick, your home teleports will look a little different. Instead of drawing a chalk circle, you’ll draw a compass, and before you know it, you’ll be swept back home in a dramatic sandstorm. Finnish trance soundtrack not included.

    Trailblazer Dragon Skilling Tools Ornament Kit

    Look, we know. Dragon tools and their Infernal cousins look very cool already. But you know what’s cooler than being cool? Having an awesome Trailblazer League themed version of those same tools!

    This ornament kit will change the appearance of a Dragon or Infernal Pickaxe, Axe or Harpoon to a globetrotting Trailblazer League theme. One kit will cover you for exactly one tool – if you want the full set, you’ll need multiple kits!

    Should you decide you’d rather go back to that good old pointy red aesthetic, you can revert the tools at any time to retrieve the kit.

    Trailblazer Graceful Set Ornament Kit

    We know you love running everywhere, so you may as well be doing it in this all-new Trailblazer-themed Graceful Set Ornament Kit. You’ll look flashier than ever before as you parkour around Gielinor’s rooftops. You can even dye right over any previously recoloured pieces!

    This reward costs a relatively high amount of League Points, but you’ll get a pack of six kits, one for each piece of the Graceful Set. Should you decide that you’d like to go back to basics after all, you can revert the change, and your Graceful Set will return to the default colour.

    Trailblazer Themed Banner

    Show your support for your favourite League (so far) with this themed banner! If you don't fancy using up a main-hand slot, this item can also be proudly displayed in your Player Owned House.

    Trailblazer Globe Statue

    An elegant globe with a map of Gielinor emblazoned across the front. This superb sphere fits right into the statue space in your League Room. Removing the Globe from the space will return it to your Inventory.

    Trailblazer Rug

    Relive your travels around Gielinor with this map-shaped rug – it really brings the room together! The Trailblazer Rug will, of course, fit into the rug space of the League Trophy Room in your Player Owned House. Should you choose to swap it out with something else, you’ll get the rug back safe and sound.

    Just a note – this rug is different from the other ones in your Player Owned House. If you change it, it won’t affect rug hotspots in the rest of the house.

    Please bear in mind that you will be unable to purchase League rewards on a non-Leagues world - although you can do a bit of window shopping. 

League to League Rewards

Way back when we were planning the Twisted League, we spoke about giving players who did well their own worlds and a boost to their starter items the next time around. At the time we thought this was well received, but now that the next League is bearing down on us we've heard your concerns loud and clear. We don't want to let the players who earned these rewards down, so we won't be scrapping them entirely - but we will be reworking them so that the advantage isn't quite so large.

Leagues Veteran Worlds

Instead of the previously mentioned Ranked Worlds we're going to introduce two Leagues Veteran worlds that are only accessible to those who made Bronze tier or better in the Twisted League. We feel like this gives players who participated in the previous League an appropriate token of appreciation, without giving them a massive advantage over everyone else. 

Twisted Relic Hunter

We'll be handing out Tier 1, 2 or 3 of Twisted Relic Hunter Armour, depending on how well you did in the Twisted League:

  • Bronze, Iron and Steel trophy players will get Tier 1 Relic Hunter

  • Mithril and Adamant trophy players will get Tier 2 Relic Hunter

  • Rune and Dragon trophy players will get Tier 3 Relic Hunter

These Relic Hunter sets are purely cosmetic - they're just a fun way to show off how well you did in the previous League. 


You'll be able to reclaim any pet received during Twisted League so it can follow you about in Leagues II - Trailblazer. Pets 'obtained' in this manner will not count towards the League First.

Top-Tier Rewards

For the very best players in Twisted League, there will be some additional rewards.

Mithril, Adamant, Rune and Dragon players will get a set of Twisted Blueprints to customise their Player Owned House in Leagues II - Trailblazer. Like the Relic Hunter armour, this is purely cosmetic - the only advantage it confers is having a very swanky house.

Rune and Dragon players will also get a pair of Twisted Horns, and will have the Twisted Vision Slayer perk unlocked so that they can attach them if they earn a Slayer Helm in Trailblazer. Once again, these cosmetic options are purely for show. 

League Trophies

    Unlike other League Rewards, the League Trophies can’t be bought. They’re an exclusive reward for those who strived to climb to the top tiers of the HiScores – it just wouldn’t be fair if just anyone could pick one up at the Grand Exchange!

    To get your hands on one, you’ll need to place in one of the following tiers:




    100 League Points (Minimum amount to appear on the HiScores)


    Top 80%


    Top 60%


    Top 40%


    Top 20%


    Top 5%


    Top 1%

    All League Trophies can be displayed in the Player Owned House or held. They all have a unique emote that you can access by right-clicking them.

    And that’s all, folks! We hope you enjoy your journey in Leagues II - Trailblazer just as much as you enjoyed Twisted League before it – we can’t wait to see you race to grab those League Firsts and hit Dragon tier.

    Best of luck, adventurers!


Revenant Cave Player Feedback Changes

Following our blog about the changes we’re making to the Revenant Caves, we’ve heard some excellent feedback from all corners of the community. This week, we’ve implemented a few changes based on your suggestions:

Firstly, hellhounds in the Wilderness Slayer Cave now have higher respawn rates and roam in a slightly wider area. Nice doggies!

You now have the chance to receive Viggora’s Chainmace, Thammaron’s Sceptre and Craw’s Bow from revenants in World 45 Deadman. You can find details of the new drop rates on the OSRS Wiki.

That's not all for the Revenant Caves - keep your eyes peeled in the next few weeks for updates to spawn rates, the grace period, and ether quantities. 

Merch Store

Christmas has come early in the Official Merch Store this month with 10 new lines from Angels Scapes!

Our limited-edition Christmas pin collection includes a festive King Black Dragon, a Marionette pin for your Toy Box, and, of course, Cracker pins! This year, each Cracker will contain one of three different coloured Party Hats. Lift the hinged lid to see which one you've got!

You can also pick up a brushed gold ‘Nice’ pin, perfect for that special someone with a great Fishing level.

We’ve also got new additions to the Skill Cape keyring series! You can now show off your Woodcutting and Firemaking prowess wherever you roam. Match the Firemaking Skill Cape with the new Bruma Torch pin to really show the Wintertodt who's boss! 

For the Agility fans, we've got the new Shayzien Graceful Outfit pin. 

Last but definitely not least, we’d like to introduce our all-new line of mobile phone ring holders! Keep your phone safe while you selfie with the Max Cape or the PK Skull design.

See something you like? Make sure to add it to your Christmas list… or, you know, just treat yourself! 


In Other News

  • Fixed a typo in Yeldive’s dialogue.
  • Despite its alarming appearance, the monks of Entrana have agreed to allow the Headless Head on their island.
  • Cerberus can now walk through players.
  • The Agility Pyramid’s new counter will now count runs where the player doesn’t click through the Message Box at the end of the lap.
  • The ‘Destroy’ text on the Halloween rewards has been changed slightly.
  • The cyclopes in the Kourend Catacombs are no longer immune to Ranged or Magic attacks, as they are not part of the Warriors’ Guild.
  • The ‘Watch the Birdie’ unlock now lists more Slayer Masters who can assign aviansies.
  • Corrected some spelling errors in the Halloween event.
  • After completing ‘A Porcine of Interest’, speak to Sarah to unlock the ability to pet Rosie the Falador Farm dog.
  • Mizgog will no longer learn the outcome of casting Eve’s incantation before it is cast. Even he’s not that good!
  • An area north of Ardougne can no longer be visited on free-to-play worlds. 
  • You will now receive a notification in your Message Box the first time you purchase a Bond.
  • The Bond interface has been reworked slightly on both desktop and mobile.