World Crashes Update


At the end of last week a small number of game worlds crashed on a few occasions. Upon investigation we've concluded that these crashes were caused by a small group of players who manipulated game content behaviour with the malicious intent to dupe items and wealth. After an extensive review, we're confident the event hasn't impacted the game economy. It is regrettable that this occurred and we're doing our utmost to prevent it from happening again. Action has been taken against the accounts involved, we’ve blocked the method used, and we’re actively investigating further fixes to prevent similar occurrences.

Some of these necessary fixes have led to other, legitimate in-game activities being adversely affected, including, but not limited to:

  • Level 3 combat Fight Cave completions
  • The tightrope skip in Chambers of Xeric Challenge Mode
  • Certain techniques used in Barbarian Assault for the purpose of speed run completions

We are exploring our options for trying to replicate old behaviour where possible, though there may be certain methods we cannot replicate again. We thank you for your understanding, and we appreciate that the impact this has on legitimate activities is frustrating for many of you, but we have to prioritise the health of the game in these instances. We'll continue to update you as and when we have more news to share.