TWIR RuneScape Advent Calendar


It's been a November to remember, huh? As we round off this month and move on to the next, you'll get to learn more about Raksha, the Shadow Colossus of Orthen, open the first windows on your Advent Calendar and watch your favourite content creators get their nerd on with a RuneScape-themed Dungeons and Dragons adventure!

Did you get all that? Then let's go!

In this week's news, Raksha's on a rampage, the first of our Premier Club 2021 drops arrives, and the RuneScape Advent Calendar makes a triumphant return!

Raksha, The Shadow Colossus of Orthen: Coming Soon!

Raksha will be one of the biggest challenges RuneScape has to offer, fitting squarely between Araxxor and Telos in terms of difficulty. You'll want to bring your best gear and your strongest strategies, 'cause this beastie means business!

Eager to learn more? Our bravest content creators will be a playing a special RuneScape-themed game of D&D this Wednesday, December 2nd, and they just might turn up some nuggets of information on their adventure. See all the details in the Community Tab!

RuneScape Advent Calendar

Can you believe it's this time of year again already? The RuneScape Advent Calendar is back, and it's chock-full of goodies!

For those of you who are new here, the RuneScape Advent Calendar is a time-honoured tradition. Open one door each day until Christmas and reveal the presents within!

Every time you open a door on the same day as the number written on it, you'll get a free Treasure Hunter key, as well as progress towards the grand prize: an adorable Sir Coalington Embers plushie! Much less dangerous to snuggle than the real thing.

There's also a different Treasure Hunter promotion every day of the Advent Calendar – so it's the perfect opportunity to catch up on any rare prizes you missed throughout the year.

Steam Awards: Vote for us!

Now that RuneScape's on Steam, we're eligible for the Steam Awards, which kick off in December. Personally, we think we fit nicely into the 'Sit Back and Relax' category, but you can nominate us for whichever category you think suits us best.

To cast your vote, just go to our Steam page and click the 'vote' button. Thanks a million!

Premier Club: December Drops

It's not even 2021 yet, but the Premier Club monthly drops are already kicking off! If you're a Premier Club member, then you'll receive the following freebies for December:

  • A Yak Track task skip
  • A large mystery box
  • 1,000 oddments