TWIR: Ninja Strike 14


In this week's update, the Ninjas have been getting up to mischief with fish (both of the jelly and regular variety) and Wiki functionality! Find out all about it in the Game News and Patch Notes tabs, then get yourself over to the Community Tab for a cheeky preview of Construction Contracts and some amazing player artwork.

We're going Wiki wild in this week's update with another Ninja Strike! In other news, we've got a special preview of Construction Contracts, a range of new lines in the Merch Store, and an important change to Oddments.

Ninja Strike 14: Wiki Functionality and More!

The Ninjas have hit the books this week to bring you more visible Wiki functionality, plus loads of other quality of life changes. We're also welcoming a new recruit to the Dojo - read on to meet them!

Wiki Functionality

As you know, you can type '/wiki' into the Chat Box to learn about all kinds of topics at the press of a button - but we reckon it would be nice if that functionality was even easier to access. In this week's strike, the Ninjas have added a new Wiki button to the right-hand side of the Chat Box. Just click the button, type in your search term, and away you'll go!

Of course, those of you who like to do things the old-fashioned way will still be able to use the existing '/wiki' feature.

And those of you who like to do things the really old-fashioned way can find the full RuneScape Wiki right here. Enjoy!

General QoL

We don't know who this 'General QoL' fella is, but he comes up an awful lot, so he must be one of the Ninjas' greatest foes!

This week they've undermined his nefarious deeds in the following ways:

Jellyfish Stitching

Got partially eaten Jellyfish hanging around your Backpack? That's super gross, but here's something even grosser - from today's update, you'll be able to squish them back into one big jellyfish snack with the help of either War or a fisherman in the Deep Sea Fishing Hub. Mmm... slimy!

Fish Deposits

Sticking with the maritime theme, you can now 'Deposit all' fish in the Menaphos VIP and Port area Deposit Boxes and Banks, just like you can in the Deep Sea Fishing Hub. Hopefully they've got a bag of ice in there...

...and more!

This week's Patch Notes contain all you need to know about this week's Ninja Strike. Go take a look! We'll wait!

A New Ninja?

A new Ninja! Mod Frosch has joined the fight as a Junior Content Developer. So heat up the sake and give a warm Ninja welcome, please!

Construction Contracts Preview Livestream

Join our J-Mods as they clamber over the scaffolding of Construction Contracts and lay out the blueprints of this new, exciting way to train Construction.

You can join the stream on the RuneScape Twitch channel at 17:00 Game Time on November 10th. Don't forget your hard hat!

Prime Gaming

There's a brand new drop waiting for those of you who've linked your RuneScape and Prime Gaming accounts! This month, you'll get 7 days of membership - just the thing for taking full advantage of Double XP LIVE.

Oddments Store Item Limits

As part of our ongoing efforts to balance the game, the following Oddments Store items are now subject to a daily maximum buy cap:

  1. Medium prismatic lamps: 30/day
  2. Medium prismatic stars: 50/day
  3. Pulse cores: 40/day
  4. Cinder cores: 40/day
  5. Small protean packs: 30/day
  6. Keys: 30/day

The cap resets every day, after which point you'll be able to purchase these items up to the cap once more.

Golden Gnome Awards

For those of you who missed our post last week, we'd like to apologise once again for the unavoidable delay of this year's Golden Gnome Awards.

The new date for the all-dancing, all-digital ceremony is Friday, November 20th at 19:00 Game Time. We'll see you there!

Merch Store

Okay, it might not officially be winter yet - thank you, Reddit community - but that doesn't mean we can't get that Christmas spirit going! In the Official Merch Store, we've got a whole stocking full of treats!

First up, we have three new RuneScape-y designs in our popular deskmat range: the Queen Black Dragon, Nomad, and Mah.

Next up, we’ve got a cosy new piece of apparel: the PK Skull Varsity Jacket!

And in case you missed it, tracked shipping is now available on all Merch Store orders. Spend over £80 (that's $100 for our neighbours across the pond) and you'll get tracked shipping for free.