Login Lockout Daily Updates


This page is where we'll post the latest news on the Login Lockout situation. Check back regularly for updates.


  • Work is continuing to restore access to accounts impacted as soon as possible.
  • The invitation-only Account Integrity Review Beta has begun. Initial invites have been sent and more will be circulated over the coming days.
  • We're going to be covering any membership or RuneMetrics subscription on impacted accounts for the next 31 days as of yesterday (March 18th), extending Yak Track and more.
  • Some accounts have had their log in permissions disabled in preparation for the Restoration Phase.
  • Our next Game Update will be Monday, March 29th featuring our brand new Easter event and the Pi-Mas combat improvements.
  • Major content releases, like Rex Matriarch, have been postponed until further notice.

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23rd March | Account Integrity Beta Launch

Hello everyone,

The Account Integrity Beta is now underway, and a select group of players are able to log in to a secure environment to help us assess the current restoration process.

Following on from the first wave of Account Integrity Beta invitations that we sent out yesterday, we're now sending out additional invitations as part of the second wave. Please check your emails to see if you've been invited to take part.

This is will be the second wave of invitations. Additional waves will be sent out at a later date, so check back soon for more news!