Server Login Issues


Hello everyone,

As many of are aware we have been working around the clock investigating the Login Lockout issue over the weekend and would like to share more detail on what do we know so far and what to expect moving forward from today.

Now our investigation is complete, our focus moves to the solution phase and getting those affected back in game as soon as possible. As things stand, all Old School players and more than 99% of RuneScape accounts remain unaffected. While most of you are now back playing as normal, we will not rest until all of you are back in game.

Following the work this weekend, we are pleased to say all accounts are safe. All character progress before February 8th is intact. However, we have some data gaps for that 1% between February 8th and March 4th.

What if I am affected?

We are confident in a solution that is now underway, which involves taking your account saves from February 8th and merging them with telemetry data to fill the gap. Our telemetry system separately captures all game and account session information when you logout – this was not impacted and is fully intact.

It is a complicated beast with lots of variables to cross check and we’ll be as thorough as possible to make this work. However, this is going to take time, likely most of this week. Right now, we can’t provide further estimates on timings, but we will keep you posted.

Whilst we’re doing this work, we will additionally need to lock out a small group of players who are already back playing, but who have a known data gap, and we’ll contact those players directly.

Thank you

We’re on it, we’re working through it, and expect to know more information through the week together with an additional update tomorrow in our Weekly Live Stream.

Finally, there is nothing else we can say but thank you again for your patience. We understand how frustrating this must be to those affected. Our top priority remains getting accounts back in game. We are also committed to making improvements in our processes to prevent this happening again in the future.

We truly appreciate the kind messages of support we have seen from many of you – it’s fuelled the team through long hours even more than the coffee! Thank you so much for your continued understanding and stand by for more news tomorrow.