Poll 75 Suggestions and Wilderness Survey


No Game Update

As we explained last week, we're prepping for the upcoming long public holiday weekend, so there will not be a game update today.

But never fear - we'll be back on Wednesday April 7th at 11:30 BST with Collection Log improvements and more Poll 74 changes!

Today we're hosting one last livestream before the break. We'll take you on an Eastdoor Event playthrough and you can show us how smart you are with the Very Fishy Quiz (all thanks to Tempoross). Join us at 16:30 BST over on Twitch!

Poll 75 Suggestions

Our next big poll is on the horizon, and this time we'll be tackling PvM improvements! You should expect a poll blog detailing all of the potential changes in late April.

We'd love you to share any ideas for changes that could sneak into the blog before the poll goes live in-game. Visit any of the relevant social posts and tell us what you'd like to see in Poll 75!

Wilderness Changes Survey

In preparation for the upcoming Wilderness Changes project, we're eager to hear your thoughts on all aspects of the Wilderness experience.

We've prepared a short survey that covers the general Wilderness, the Revenant Cave and the Wilderness Slayer Caves! We really appreciate your feedback as we build towards the project, which is due to start in May. Find the survey here.

Art Competition - Finalists Revealed!

A massive thank you to everyone who submitted entries for the #OSRSDesignAHat competition! We were overwhelmed by the outpouring of creativity. Truly... hats off.

Alas, there could only be four finalists. After much discussion and an internal vote, we are delighted to reveal the final four...

  • Banana Wizard's Hat - @Atlantis_OSRS (Twitter)
  • Banana Sunhat - u/ave (Reddit)
  • Crabanana - u/Shaakoo (Reddit)
  • Yellow Duck Hat - Tupsug (Instagram)

Option 1: Banana Wizard's Hat

Option 2: Banana Sunhat

Option 3: Crabanana

Option 4: Yellow Duck Hat

Voting opens today and runs until Tuesday, April 6th. You can visit your nearest in-game poll booth or simply cast your vote through your Account Settings menu! We'll announce the winner in next week's newspost. Good luck to the four finalists!