Dailies & Distractions & Diversions Week Begins


It's Dailies & Distractions & Diversions Week - oh my! - and there's a whole host of bonuses and buffs for you to look forward to. In other news, the rented item changes we spoke about last week are coming into effect, and we've got some very exciting news about mobile. Read on to learn more

RuneScape on Mobile: Coming this Summer!

In case you missed Mod Warden's message, here's the news: RuneScape will launch on both iOS and Android this summer, and pre-registration is live right now!

But that's not all - you'll also have the chance to work together and earn awesome rewards! The more registrations we get, the more rewards you'll unlock. Here's what you'll get for each tier:

Tier 1: Softpunk Hairstyle

Tier 2: Magic Leap Teleport

Tier 3: Crux Eqal Sword

Tier 4: Scales the Dragon Pet

Tier 5: Crux Eqal Armour Set

Plus, if registrations reach Tier 5, everyone who signed up will get a whopping 7-day 50% XP boost on launch!

Dailies & Distractions & Diversions Week

The third week of Awesome April is about three things: Dailies, Distractions and Diversions! Here's what you can look forward to:

Player Owned Port Boosts

Set sail for fun with an extra 10 voyages a day, adding up to a total of 25! On top of that, voyages will also return 30% more resources or trade goods, except in cases where the reward is random or unspecified. You'll still get the same amount of XP as you normally would from this activity.

Lastly, the Barmaid's special voyage will be available throughout the weekend as well as on Thursday.

This boost is available to Ironman accounts.

Double Daily Vis Wax

Your daily use of the Rune Goldberg machine will provide double the amount of Vis Wax, to a maximum of 200 units.

This boost is available to Ironman accounts.

Free Daily Challenge Extensions

During the event, all Daily Challenges will automatically be extended for free! This includes Challenges that you've re-rerolled.

You won't be able to extend the Challenges beyond this point.

This boost is available to Ironman accounts.

Extra D&D Rewards and Tickets

Several Distractions & Diversions have various extras this week. You may now:

  • Fight Bork twice a day
  • Enter the Phoenix Lair twice a day
  • Explore Sinkholes three times a day
  • Play Big Chinchompa three times a day
  • Get up to three Fish Flingers tickets per day, to a cap of 10 tickets
  • Fight up to three Evil Trees a day
  • Plus, the daily Guthixian Cache points cap is now 300

These boosts are not available to Ironman accounts.

Player Owned Farm Bonuses

For the whole week, timers on the Player Owned Farm will be running twice as quickly - so animals will grow twice as fast and the baby spawn chance will trigger twice as often!

You'll also get the following bonuses:

  • Double Beans
  • Increased animal sale cap
  • Healthy animals cannot become diseased
  • Animals will consume half as much food
  • Double produce for each animal
  • Trapper awards double the animals

These bonuses are all available to Ironman Accounts.

Double Shop Stock

For the duration of the week, shop stock will be doubled for all items that are usually restocked at midnight. This includes the following:

  • Feathers and Feather Packs from all Fishing shops, Frawd's Gift Shop, the Anachronia General Store and Ava
  • Water Jug Packs from the Shantay Pass Shop, Beefy Bill and the Lighthouse
  • Yak Hides and Yak Hide Packs from Yak Contraband
  • Broad Arrows, Broad Arrow Heads, Unfinished Broad Bolts and Slayer Gem Packs from all Slayer shops
  • Plant Pot Packs from all Farm shops
  • All Runes from all rune shops
  • Erzille, Ugune, Argway, Shengo and Samaden Seeds from Papa Mambo's shop
  • Raw Rabbit Pack, Raw Beef Pack, Raw Bird Meat Pack, Raw Rabbit, Raw Beef and Raw Bird Meat from Fresh Meat
  • All stock from the Anachronia Gem Shop

This bonus is available to Ironman accounts.

Rented Item Changes

After last week's heads up, various changes to rented items are now in effect.

Firstly, the Wealth Evaluator tool is now free for all players. Wealth Evaluator objects, which were previously needed to access the tool, will be removed from all inventories on log in - if yours is still there, simply click on it to clean it up.

Secondly, the following objects can now be purchased using RuneCoins from NPCs or in-game interfaces:

  • Challenge Gems from War in War's Retreat
  • Chameleon Extract from the Makeover Mage
  • Clan Citadel Booster Packs from Quartermasters in Clan Citadels*
  • Tasty and Jelly Treats from the Legendary Pets menu

*Note: Ironman accounts will not be able to purchase Clan Citadel Booster Packs, as before.

Lastly, the Morytanian, Kharidian, and Masterwork Music Boxes, along with the Achievement Banner, are now available from Diango's Item Storage.