Halloween 2021


Awooo! It's Halloween in Gielinor, and, as per usual, there's some spooky goings-on at Draynor Manor. A small group of werewolves from across the Salve have temporarily settled in the Manor grounds - causing quite a stir with their new neighbours!

They don't mean any harm, though. In fact, they've set up a range of Halloween-y activities, with frighteningly fun rewards on offer for those brave enough to try them.


This year we're building on the event format introduced in 2020, and bringing back three activities from last year's event:

  • Death's Dogwalker
  • Fragmented Souls
  • Plague Soup

Each activity has an associated miniquest. If you already played the required miniquest last year, there's no need to play it again - the activity you're after will be auto-unlocked.

We're also introducing two new activities:

Shooting Gallery

Ed the werewolf is having trouble with some crafty crassians, and he needs your help to man the cannons and send them scuttling back to Davy Jones' locker! You'll put your Hunter and Fishing skills to the test in this fast-paced fish-fest.

This activity replaces Potato Gathering from the 2020 event.

Skeleton Invasion

It seems the werewolves' presence has disturbed the residents of Draynor - including the ones who were already dead! In this minigame you'll fight off waves of skeletons with the help of Greg and the (living) Draynor villagers. Flex your Magic and Slayer skills and you'll be well on your way to shattering some skulls!

Free-to-play players should bear in mind that although they'll be able to access all the activities, they may not be able to use the skills required.

Spooky Hour

If you've completed all the Halloween miniquests then you'll get 12% more XP during Spooky Hour, which occurs every three hours. Don't miss it!


If you participated in last years event - by which we mean, you completed one or more of the event miniquests - you'll be able to grab a Silver Death's Scythe for free from the event store. If not, don't panic - you can earn Spooky Tokens from all the activities on offer, and then exchange them for a variety of cursed cosmetics in Death's Spooky Store. You'll be able to get your hands on all of last year's rewards, plus two new ones! We've also brought back a few legacy cosmetics.

Or, if you like a little bit of mystery in your life, you can exchange your Tokens for Mystery Boxes. What's inside? We don't know! That's why it's a mystery!

If you've spoken to Death at least once, then you can get a daily reward for every day of the event.

Lastly, there's a new music track to unlock, so you can Monster Mash in style.

Ironman players should be aware that while they are able to participate in the event and purchase Mystery Boxes, they will receive different items to regular players.

The event ends on November 1st, so trot on down to Draynor Manor and speak to Luna to get started... if you dare!