Third Party HD Clients Statement


In this blog we'd like to clarify our stance on third-party HD clients (and other projects which seek to radically change the visual appearance of the game). We know you've got lots of questions about them, and we think this will provide you with all the clarity we need.

Yesterday we contacted the developers of known HD projects and we asked them to stop development of their projects, because this is a project we are directly investigating at Jagex. We look forward to being able to share progress as our own in-house project with Old School's visuals unfolds.


Before we dive further into your project, we want to take a moment to talk about our own plans in the interests of transparency. Whilst it's still relatively early in the exploration stages, and while we will always maintain an authentic style for Old School we can confirm that we are actively investigating and experimenting with enhanced graphics and what that means to Old School RuneScape's visuals. This is an in-house project and, though early, is very much in progress. Naturally, this means that any fan-led project which seeks to change the way Old School RuneScape looks is at odds with our own plans. We think it's absolutely vital that there is consistency in the way that Old School looks, and so we want to make certain that our official changes will be the only ones available.

Hopefully the news that Jagex and the Old School team are tackling this project in earnest is something that excites you, even though it does mean that we need to politely ask you shut down your personal project.

We'd like to thank you for your cooperation, and we'd like to offer to involve you in feedback sessions once our own project reaches such a stage.

We'd appreciate if you could reply to this message to acknowledge that you've received it, and that you intend to comply by shutting down your project. We'd like this reply by 20th September (two weeks from today).

Whilst we know that the news might be disappointing to those of you who were following the third-party projects closely, we hope that you understand our position and we look forward to working with you as the project evolves!

Next week we'll be updating the Third-Party Guidelines, published in 2019, to include reference to projects and features which seek to change the appearance of the game.

We'll update this post with answers to any questions that might arise.