Duty of Care Update


As we’ve previously explained, we remain committed to making Treasure Hunter fairer and more transparent. We’re taking another big step towards that by removing ‘blind choice’ from many of our promotions.

You’ll be able to try this mechanic for yourself with Loot Duels from April 16th, which will allow you to choose from three different prizes of the same rarity at the end of each game.

Here’s what that will look like:

Please note that it’s not yet possible for us to include this design in every single Treasure Hunter event. Some, like Ring of Shards, already include choice mechanics of their own, but others currently have interfaces that require more testing before we can integrate these changes.

In other news, our Player Support team have started reaching out to players proactively when they detect unusual spending activity. Our aim is to increase the amount of control that players have in regards to their spending, and so we're offering options to block future purchases and change account management options. If this trial is successful, we would like to introduce ways for players to set their own spending limits, although this will take some time.

We still intend to fully remove all blind choice from Treasure Hunter as soon as we can.