Catwalk: The Sameowrai


Everyone’s favourite kitty-cat is back with a brand-new outfit for you to collect. This time, Felix has been exploring the Arc and has returned with some apawlingly cute Sameowrai armour. Use your Treasure Hunter Keys to unlock each piece of the set. Unlock the full ensemble and you’ll get your mitts on a special ‘prestige’ version. Fur-thermore there's an equally special 'prestige' version of the Meowsketeer set for those who fully completed the last event!

Click and drag to rotate the model and scroll to zoom in!

You’ll also get the chance to unlock a fancy new fur texture for Felix which transforms him into an elegant blue shorthair.

If you haven’t met Felix yet, you can pick him up for free in the Oddments Store. For the first time, Ironmen are also able to adopt!

The Sameowrai promotion will run from April 9th to April 13th.