Poll 70 Improvements


Poll #70 Game Improvements

Looks like the Easter bunny has delivered a whole basket of fresh and tasty QoL changes, as voted on in Poll #70.

Blade of Saeldor


You can now use 1000 crystal shards on the Blade of Saeldor at a singing bowl to permanently prevent it from degrading provided you are level 82 or above in both Crafting and Smithing.

In addition, if you go to charge a Blade of Saeldor that still has charges left, it will divide the number of remaining charges by 100, round down and take that number of shards away from the total consumed from the Inventory. This might leave you with more shards than you expected to have left over - do not be alarmed!

Elven Signet


The percentage save rate on the Elven Signet has been raised from 5% to 10%.

Mossy Key


There is now an increased chance for moss giants in the Wilderness to drop a Mossy Key.

Iorwerth Dungeon


A new room has been discovered in the Iorwerth Dungeon, where you’ll find some traitorous Iorwerth warriors for all your elf-slaying needs.

NPC spawns across the dungeon have been increased.



Demi-bosses in the Gauntlet are now guaranteed to drop a weapon frame.

Grand Exchange: Last Item Searched


The last item you searched for on the Grand Exchange will now be remembered until you search for a new item or log out of the game.

Chat Box Menu

You can now use the SPACE key to re-select the last thing you created on a Make-X chat box menu.

Crystal Shards

Crystal tool, armour and weapon seeds, as well as enhanced Crystal Teleport Seeds, can now be exchanged for crystal shards with an NPC in the pub in Prifddinas. The exchange rates are as follows:

  • Crystal weapon seed: 10 shards
  • Crystal tool seed: 100 shards
  • Crystal armour seed: 250 shards
  • Enhanced Crystal Teleport Seeds: 150 shards

Burnt Pages

The burnt pages that show up in Wintertodt supply crates, when rolled, has increased by 50%. In addition, you can now exchange any extraneous Wintertodt uniques for more burnt pages with Ignisia, who can be found at the base camp.

Also, Ignisia will now trade 250 burnt pages for a Tome of Fire instead of 100. 

Other hanges

  • Worlds 418 to 423 and 428 to 431 are undergoing maintenance and will not be online from immediately after the update until maintenance is complete.
  • Item names using abbreviations like 'vamb' or 'vambs' now all use 'vambraces'.
  • The mounted Mythical Cape now asks if you're sure you wish to teleport if you select it while in Building Mode. This warning can be dismissed permanently.
  • The drawers containing Shayzien supply crates now ask if you just want one instead of giving you a whole stack.
  • The dragonhide body armour of the gods, from Treasure Trails, now has names like ‘Zamorak d'hide body’ rather than just ‘Zamorak d'hide’.
  • Hints have been added to items that must be traded during Heroes' Quest and Shield of Arrav to clarify how they can be passed to players who cannot trade normally.
  • The Shove special attack has been adjusted to make it harder to block by opening menus.
  • The size of the Rune Essence rock clickbox has been increased.

That's all for now, but more changes from Poll #70 will be added to the game in the coming weeks.