Leagues II | Trailblazer


It's finally time to introduce you to Leagues II - Trailblazer!

In this approximately two-month League you will start off as a fresh account on a separate game mode locked in Misthalin, where it all originally began. You must complete tasks to unlock more areas, but choose wisely - you can only pick so many options! As with the last League, the more tasks you complete, the more points you get and the more Relics you can unlock.

Let's drill down into the details. We recommend you expand each section fully.


Area Locks

You will start locked to Misthalin.
  • You can unlock more areas by completing a fixed number of tasks (instead of League Points)
  • Your choice of area will be limited, so choose wisely
  • Kourend and Kebos cannot be unlocked
  • Only the existing respawn points for areas you've unlocked will be available
  • Death’s Office, the Player Owned House, Random Events and the Essence Mines will be accessible from all areas
  • Tasks assigned by Slayer Masters will take place in areas available to you
  • Be warned - should you manage to somehow escape the area you're locked in, you'll quickly be teleported back!

We'll be revealing which areas you'll be able to unlock closer to release.

Ironman/Ironwoman Mode with Accelerated XP Rates

Everyone will play as an Ironman or Ironwoman.
  • There will be no trading between players
  • To accommodate the increased number of Iron players, selected shops will have more supplies and accelerated restocking rates
  • Everyone will have a 5X accelerated XP rate

Starting Stats

Your fresh Iron account will have basic stats, along with:
  • Herblore: Level 3
  • Agility: Level 10

This is to enable the Draynor Rooftop Agility Course and Herblore training.

Quest and Diary Unlocks

Quests or Diary tasks that would be impossible to unlock as they require access to inaccessible areas will be automatically unlocked.

For example, when you start you will automatically unlock the following quests:
  • Druidic Ritual
  • Lost City

We will let you know closer to release about any further unlocks. For example, we are currently considering unlocking Dragon Slayer 2 to allow players access to Rune and Adamant Dragons while they are contained in Misthalin.


Tasks are a collection of goals and achievements that you can complete within the League. These span various activities such as skilling, obtaining drops, killing creatures, completing quests and even playing minigames. Completion of a task will award League Points that can be used to unlock Relics and other rewards. Points received for completing each task will be subject to balancing, but will ultimately be based on the tier of the challenge. Tiers range from Easy to Master. However, area unlocks will be gained according to the total number of completed tasks regardless of points or tier.

Obviously, because of how Trailblazer works, some tasks will be area specific.

Examples of area specific tasks include:
  • Enter the Cooking Guild
  • Defeat Obor
  • Craft 50 Water Runes
  • Receive a Slayer task from Vannaka

Examples of general tasks include:
  • Cook 100 Sharks
  • Obtain a Mark of Grace
  • Equip a Yew Shortbow
  • Defeat a Goblin

We’ve also tried to ensure that every area will have roughly the same amount of obtainable points, so as to not sway your decision about which area to unlock next!


Relics provide buffs with which you can customise your gameplay experience. Unlocked via League Points, Relics can offer XP boosts, buffs to combat prowess, additional luck on obtaining drops or even specific skilling buffs.

When you begin you'll be presented with three free Relics to choose from, allowing you to shape your strategy from the off. Don't stop there, though, as the more Relics you unlock, the more powerful the buffs become! For the first time, in this League each time you unlock a Relic tier you will also unlock a passive buff. There will be six tiers in total.

So, which Tier 1 Relic will you choose from when entering Misthalin?

Relic 1: Endless Harvest
  • Resources gathered from Fishing, Woodcutting and Mining will be multiplied by 2. Resources generated this way will not provide any additional experience.
  • The resources you gather are sent directly to your Bank if you have space. If not, they will be placed in your Inventory.

Relic 2: Production Master
When doing the following activities, all items will be processed at once, awarding full XP:
  • Smelting ores, smithing bars and making cannonballs
  • Fletching logs and cutting bolt tips
  • Cleaning herbs and making potions
  • Cooking food and making jugs of wine
  • Crafting leather, uncut gems, glass, jewellery, pottery, battlestaves and spinning flax/wool

Relic 3: Skilling Prodigy
  • All non-combat skills will permanently be boosted by 10. When skills are boosted beyond 10 levels, the boosts will over time drain back to the standard +10 boost. By the same token, when skills are drained down, they will eventually restore.

Passive Unlock:
  • Your run energy does not drain (#NoMoreWalkers!)

That’s only the beginning. Prepare to see a return of some old favourite Relics, and some incredibly powerful new ones in Leagues II - Trailblazer!


If you manage to place among the top pioneers in Trailblazer League, you'll be handsomely rewarded!

Tier Threshold
Bronze Minimum point threshold
Iron Top 80%
Steel Top 60%
Mithril Top 40%
Adamant Top 20%
Rune Top 5%
Dragon Top 1%

Many of you felt that getting into the Top 1% was too easy in the last League, so as a result this time we'd like to offer a new target to aim for - the Trailblazer Trophy. This untradeable cosmetic trophy will be awarded only to those who rank among the Top 100 in the League. Let us know your thoughts on this!

Rewards gained will fall under two categories: League-to-League and main game.

League-to-League Rewards

As the name suggests, those who participated in the Twisted League will see these on your account when Trailblazer begins. If you weren’t a Twisted League participant, fear not - you can earn these rewards for the next League!

The League to League Rewards are as follows:

League-to-League Pets
  • Any insured pets gained in the previous League will carry over to the next
  • Should you lose them, the League Tutor will allow you to reclaim your pets
  • Pets from the previous League will not count towards completing any pet specific tasks

League Right Click Icons
  • A unique symbol representing the tier you placed in the previous League will appear when a player right clicks you

League Rank Worlds
  • Mithril, Adamant and Rune League Rank worlds will be accessible based on the tier you ranked in the previous League
  • If you ranked in the Adamant tier, you can access both the Adamant and Mithril rank worlds
  • If you ranked in the highest tier, you can access all of the rank worlds

League Armour Sets
  • Based on how you placed in the previous League, you will be awarded an armour set that can be used in the next
  • This will be a basic set of starter armour and a weapon with varying stats that can assist in the early League gameplay
  • Awarded armour will be no higher higher than Mithril, so as to avoid too much early game advantage

As they only affect the worlds specific to Leagues, these rewards will not be polled.

Main Game Rewards

League Points can be subsequently spent in the League Reward Store in the main game. These rewards will be cosmetic and tradeable unless otherwise stated, and will be blogged and polled at a later date.

As a reminder, if you have Points left over from the previous League, you will still be able to pick up the previous League’s rewards in the shop.

Got any ideas on specific rewards you’d like to see in this League? Let us know!

That’s it! Your feedback will help shape Leagues II - Trailblazer. Help us by designing tasks, creating new rewards, or just theory crafting your gameplay strategy with fellow adventurers. As with Twisted League, we want to make sure that we make Trailblazer the best it can possibly be.