Desperate Measures | The Story So Far


The Needle has been stolen. The Elder Gods are growing impatient. All seems lost.

But you know what they say: Desperate Times call for… Desperate Measures.

Desperate Measures

Desperate Measures is the next quest in the Elder Gods storyline, and you can play it in-game on July 27th.

In this all-new adventure, you’ll use your Archaeology and Combat skills to track Kerapac and the Needle across Anachronia, utilising forgotten technology and uncovering dragonkin secrets along the way. Oh, and of course, you’ll be well-rewarded if you succeed.

To start Desperate Measures, you’ll need the following:

  • Completion of Desperate Times
  • Level 75 Combat
  • Level 50 Archaeology
  • Level 50 Agility
  • You can play through Desperate Times, the prequel to Desperate Measures, right now. Or, if you’ve already completed it and just need a refresher, check out our summary below. Needles to say, there’ll be spoilers from this point onwards – so watch out!

    The Story So Far…

    With the threat of the Elder Gods looming over Gielinor, the goddess Seren assembled a council, consisting of the greatest leaders and heroes of the age.

    The problem? None of them could agree on a plan to appease the Elder Gods and save the world. With time running short, an uninvited guest appeared: Kerapac, a dragonkin. He proposed a daring plan: to use the power of the Needle, an Elder God artefact, to send them into an endless sleep.

    Kerapac needed the help of Thok and the World Guardian to complete his plan. Their first task was to discover the whereabouts of the human mage Charos. After completing a few of his fiendish puzzles, the adventurer discovered that he’d been disguised as Reldo, the Varrock Palace librarian.

    Charos built a device that would nullify the Needle’s memory-wiping safeguard, but before the gang could use it, the guardian of the Needle, Gail, appeared to stop them. While the others protected them, the World Guardian entered the Needle and witnessed some major events in Gielinor’s history. They also witnessed something extraordinarily strange: Kerapac, planning to kill the Elder Gods at the cost of all life on Gielinor!

    They arrived back in the real world seconds too late to stop Kerapac. The dragonkin used the Staff of Armadyl to take control of the Needle and flew off to a mysterious island.

    Later, the Varrock museum sent an expedition to this new landmass, and christened it ‘Anachronia, The Land Out of Time’. They discovered a land where great dinosaur-like beasts roamed the earth, and ancient dragonkin ruins lay as testament to the once-great civilisation that thrived there.

    But Anachronia has plenty of secrets left to uncover. What might they reveal? Find out, in Desperate Measures!